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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • 02/29/2020
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Computer Lab @180 Studios


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Artificial Intelligence is everywhere: from self-driving cars to image recognition to toothbrushes with AI systems in them.  But what is AI, really? This course will explore the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning, starting from the beginning with basic linear graphs and extending to the latest advancements in Artificial Neural Networks.  This class will focus on concepts, not code, and so no coding experience is necessary. It is a good idea to have had some high school-level algebra and some familiarity with computers.

What skills & tools will student learn:

  • What is AI?

  • What is Machine Learning?

  • How likely it a Terminator-style scenario?

  • Some of the awesome ways that AI is being used

  • How to create and use a Machine Learning model from a dataset

  • How to make predictions using a Machine Learning model

  • Code-free Machine Learning programs: Orange, Uber Ludwig

  • Traditional Machine Learning methods: Linear Regression, Support Vector Machines, Classification, Prediction, etc.

  • Artificial Neural Networks: What they are, how they work, and why they are so important

  • Fun, easy, and free AI tools you can use at home: Google Colab, Image Style Transfer, ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com, and TalkToTransformer.com

This class will be live Streamed.


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Non-Member: $50

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Teacher Biography:


Tyler Suard is a software engineer specializing in machine learning.  He currently works for a data catalog company in San Francisco, but lives in Napa.

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