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Woodcarving 2: Lettering

  • 01/12/2020
  • 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • CoWorking Area @180Studios
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Woodcarving #2 - Lettering

Learn the art of traditional wood carving! This class will be lead by woodcarver/sculptor Carleen Weirauch. The lesson for this class will be on practical incised and relief lettering techniques. Carleen will demonstrate step-by-step with full size hand tools and offer individual tips and instruction to each student as needed. By the end of the class students will have a hand carved panel that can be hung on a wall or incorporated into future projects here at 180 Studios. 

This class offers woodworkers of all skill levels, techniques to embellish and personalize their projects with this ancient skill set. It is recommended that students first take Class 1 Relief Basics or have some carving experience before taking this class.

Wood carving basic skills you will learn:

  1. Identifying suitable lettering styles for your project and wood type.
  2. Transferring lettering designs onto wood.
  3. Basic carving strategies and techniques for lettering.
  • Tools will be provided by 180 Studios for the class but if you have some of your own full size carving tools feel free to bring them with you.
  • A 30 minute lunch break will be offered midway.You can either brown bag a lunch, use our kitchen, or have food delivered. 


Member $80

Non-Member $100 


  • Teacher Biography:

    Carleen Weirauch apprenticed as a wood carver at Reed Bros. Furniture in Sebastopol in the `90s where she stayed on to carve furniture backs, headboards, chair rails etc. under the direction of Master carvers Duncan Reed, Jason Todd and Paul Hampton; all students of Alfred Durney. Alfred Durney was an apprentice of Charles Marshall Sayres, who led the Carmel, California School Of Woodcarving in the `20s that combined Spanish designs found in local monasteries with other European designs. 

    Carleen’s current work is all deeply informed by her traditional wood carving background. She continues to carve custom wood signs and fabricates sculptural pieces out of a broad range of mediums for props, commercial displays and exhibits.

    Carleen is also a volunteer here at 180 Studios. You can find her here on Fridays from 6-10 PM if you have any questions regarding this upcoming class. You can also email her: carleen@180studios.org


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