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Big dreams mean big builds. Happily, 180 Studios offers rental and storage spaces so you can build projects as big as your dreams. As space allows, members at the Unlimited Access Level can choose from a variety of spaces that are rented by the square foot. This means you can find a space that fits your build and your budget.

Contact us for current availability of rental and storage spaces.

Studio Work Spaces

These spaces are designed for those looking for a long-term home base for their work at 180 Studios and come in sizes ranging from 250-275 square feet. Studio workspaces must be rented for a minimum of three months. The cost for studio space is $2.50 per square foot (plus the monthly 180 Studios Access Cee).

Flex Space

Flex spaces are perfect for short-term projects lasting less than one month. Short-term flex spaces are rented at the following rates: $0.50/sqft/day; $1.50/sqft/week. Flex space rentals will require payment of the Unlimited Access fee throughout the duration of the project.

Shelf & Pallet Storage Space

Shelf and pallet storage spaces are designed for those who don’t need a whole Studio Workspace, are prepared to do all of their fabrication in the shared shops, but just want a place to drop their supplies and personal tools when they’re done working in the shops. Shelf and pallet storage is rented at $2.00/sqft/month. (Requires payment of Unlimited Access fee throughout duration of the project.)

Locker Storage Space

A limited number of locker storage spaces are now available for those who have smaller equipment or projects that they want to be able to securely store when not in use. Locker spaces are approximately 2.5' H x 16" W x 15" D.

Members: $10/month (reoccurring)
Volunteers: $5/month (reoccurring)

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